The seven pillars of a calm mindset

Because there's no point in regret

Because there’s no point in regret.

The other day, I came downstairs to a scene that gave me a sense of what Brother William of Baskerville must have felt like in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. The culprit was fast asleep, exhausted from the frustration she must have endured when things didn’t magically work out for her.

It took me a solid hour, if not more, to untangle the chaos. By the time everybody woke up, I had posted this sign up as a way to avoid losing my own cool at first sight of the person who would answer a quiet ‘no’ to each of the questions above.

Before you ask, before you blame,
before you get mad, ask yourself …

  1. Did you have time to finish when you started?
  2. Did you clean your workspace?
  3. Did you prep completely?
  4. Did you focus?
  5. Did you know when to stop?
  6. When things went wrong, did you calm down?
  7. Did you abandon it, and leave open danger for others?

Luckily, nothing really happened except that the project that was started poorly never materialized into what was planned. But, that’s only because at that moment, both my cat and my dog had no interest in playing with pins and needles that were left out and scattered on various surfaces.

But, something could have happened and it might still if the lesson wasn’t learned. So, I’m glad that this happened because hopefully, next time, some of those questions with come with a resounding ‘yes.’

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