Pop out, pop in, and rest

knee joint pain

I thought I’d do a good thing and take my kid on his class skating trip. I always take him on his class skating trip. Also, I never fall on skates.

It’s a thing with me: I never fall on skates. Ever.

It’s one of those things that define who I am, and I’m very proud of it; an unfailing truth that I just know about myself (like when Phoebe Buffay had to tell Rachel about Paulo, and relied on her ability to make the best cookies).

Well, I did fall. To be fair, we both fell.

We looked like two wings of a butterfly that just crashed into a recently cleaned window. We lay there, sprawled out on the ice, while everybody paused for half a second to gossip about us and then went back to their uninteresting conversations.

I didn’t mind. At least I was out there, laying on the ice with him, instead of pretending to watch him through a window the way we do at the cute grizzly bears at the zoo.

But, I did mind the rather unusual sensation of feeling my knee cap jump, and then take a little longer than the rest of my leg to fall into position.

It wasn’t easy getting my skates off, helping the offspring with his, and then driving to Tim Hortons for our customary after-skating hot chocolate and lunch. 

I wasn’t about to miss that. The pain could wait.

My better half had to take the night off work to drive me to the hospital where I sat, knee as unbent as it could be, in the “Fast Track” department. Usually, that’s a misnomer because they just mean it’s not an injury that requires complicated care. Maybe it’s just a less scary word than triage. Or, maybe triage stopped being a $10 word after George Clooney became a doctor.

Anyway, a few X-Rays and a brief chat later and turns out that the mere act of hurting myself again, as I tried to fall out of the car when we got to the hospital, popped the patella back into position.

knee joint pain
It’s easy to take your knees for granted. But, a sudden injury can sideline you pretty fast.

I still couldn’t flex my knee. According to the doctor, that’s what happens. It takes a couple of days for everything to calm down around that area. So, the good thing was that I only felt marginally guilty for marinating on the couch for the next day.

But, I guess if Andy Dufresne could go through what he did and still manage to get his chance to refurbish a boat along the blue of the Pacific ocean I can handle playing mommy superhero for as long as I need to.

To be perfectly honest, my blue Pacific is to master the art of aging gracefully, with as much flex and calm as possible.  I usually only do a single dose of Synflex in the morning. But, this called for an extra dose at night. Not sure if it helped or just staying off my leg. But, I’m guessing that glucosamine is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. 

I did get sidelined a bit this week. But, now I can move it more than yesterday. In some ways, that’s better than taking for granted that a knee will always function the way it’s supposed to.

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