Mistakes to learn from


It finally happened. My laptop died and with it much of my recent hard work.

I hate relying on cloud storage solutions. Still, right about now it would be less painful if I had a way to access more than my email. I don’t though. Even my SSD card is fried.

Still, all is not lost. Thanks to a few handy shortcuts, I can even recreate my vector files. But, the most important lesson was something that I learned long ago. I have been backing up my files with offline, remote storage ever since the U key started falling out.

Disaster recovery plans are the single most important secret weapon in my resiliancy arsenal. I swear by them.

It’s a conversation I have often (both personally and professionally) with friends, family and co-workers: worry about the exception, not the rule. Stress about the 20%.

Ironically enough, catastrophies like the loss of my laptop have their upsides, too. For instance, I created this post on my phone. Something I have avoided figuring out how to do up to this point.

Over the years, I have taken the early adopter advantage for granted, too. When things are new and you are willing, it is easy to walk through any door; take hold of any opportunity.

It’s wrong to think things will never change. Everything changes. Doors close. It has taken me a long time to arrive at Flex and Calm and want to stay here. Now that I have, I just assumed that all the things I took for granted would be st my ready disposal.

They are not.

Who knew that it’s no longer easy to run Google Adsense off your site? Apparently, you can get rejected now, too. That never used to happen. Makes sense but, it wasn’t my reality. Then again, having alternatives to Google was not my reality,

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