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Thanks for dropping by and wanting to learn more about Flex and Calm, my latest passion project!

For years my mom has been touting the benefits of a particular product. She believes emphatically that it is the only reason why she has not had knee or hip replacement surgery by now. No side effects, low cost and no-pain.

It took me a while but I finally caved when, even in warm weather, my thumb joint started cracking every time I bent it. So, I tried it and I’m hooked. But, if you’ve met me you know I’m bad at keeping things all to myself.

So, I’ve been taking this stuff for a couple of months and when I stop, the joint pain comes back. That’s my personal testimonial that this specific glucosamine product works! 

I’m still working out the technical details of setting up this online store. Check back here or follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the latest.

The best part is that this product isn’t just for people. Pets can suffer from arthritic joint pain, too. It’s tough watching your fur baby grow needlessly suffering through joint pain.

So, stay tuned. I can’t wait for you to discover how nice it feels to take flexibility for granted again.

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